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Closing the Gap- Why Everyone Should Care


Many say they can feel it. Something about our neighborhoods, our lifestyle just isn't what it used to be.  Closing the Gap believes what many of us are feeling is our future, our children's future, being whittled away by a startling fact. Two out of three children in California are graduating from high school without having taken the required courses to even apply to a state university, no less gain admission.

When you look at African American, Latino, Southeast Asian and low income White students, the number jumps to nearly four out of five.  It's called the achievement gap.  The gap is widening, and taking with it some of our best and brightest stars of the future.   Closing the Gap is committed to reducing the achievement gap.  We are finding, and then funding programs to help students achieve their greatest potential.  


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The gap in your school

One of the most reliable indicators of an achievement gap in California public schools is the number of graduates from any particular high school who completed the necessary coursework for entrance to a CSU (California State University) or UC (University of California) school.

This category is a strong indicator because it doesn't rely on standardized testing results.  The results from standardized tests can be, and often are, influenced by how willing the student is in taking the standardized test seriously. Most students are aware the tests carry no weight, neither on their GPA nor on whether they graduate from high school or are admitted to a college.

What does count towards college admission is whether the student took sufficient math, history, English and science courses. There is a substantial disparity between White and Asian students who complete this criteria, and African American, Latino, Southeast Asian and low income White students. 

The California Department of Education tracks data on graduates completing CSU/UC requirements, or what is commonly referred to as A through G.

Click here to view the data for Sacramento County, Placer County, San Joaquin County, Yolo, and El Dorado County.


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