Closing The Gap - Why everyone should care

Many say they can feel it. Sacramento is on the path to brighter days.  Our economy is improving, more people are back at work, and spirit of hope is in the air.  To maintain our momentum, we will need to have a well educated and highly skilled workforce in our community.

Closing the Gap is committed to helping local students prepare for their tomorrows.  Unfortunately, the majority are graduating from high school unprepared.  They are caught in the academic gap.

The academic achievement gap is the fact that African American, Latino, Southeast Asian and low-income Whites are underperforming. The reasons are many. But, there is no escaping the data that they three out of four are finishing high school without having completed the coursework necessary to apply to college, no less be admitted.

Meanwhile, it's projected that within ten years, sixty percent of the jobs in high-growth fields will require a four-year degree. Yet the overwhelming majority of students coming out of our high schools are not qualified to enter a four-year college or university.

Closing the Gap recognizes the need for bringing our students stronger and more abundant opportunities to achieve.  We are not reinventing the proverbial wheel. Instead, we look for local programs helping local students overcome the achievement gap.

When a successful local program is identified, Closing the Gap's evaluation team vets the programs impact, reviews it's fiscal stability, and then makes a recommendation on whether to provide funding.

Those local programs that receive funding are partnered with other funded programs to yield the biggest bang for every dollar Closing the Gap raises. Each year our reach to local students increases- in 2015 we are funding programs that collectively touch thousands of students with tutoring, SAT prep, college admission coaching, and in-home counseling.

These are our children, in our own backyard, in our own community.  We are committed to eliminating the academic achievement gap in the Sacramento region.  By raising money to fund local programs helping local students we indeed are Closing the Gap.

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